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The symbolism of the image Love to Fukus


The symbolism of the image Love to Fukushima

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The author of the beautiful picture and its symbolism is the correspondent of the Rainbow Courier - Daniela Böttgerová, and we really, really thank her.


The tree shown in the image is a Japanese sakura, cherry tree. Its arms outstretched to the world. Through their national tragedy Japan gave us all a great chance to open our hearts and connect with love and compassion inside ourselves. May be that many people experienced these beautiful products of human heart for the first time. Love and compassion is what this planet needs most of all. Let's keep Japan in our hearts and love that we send, will travel around the whole world and return enriched by the experience of its travels. It will meet many different hearts before it would appear home again, and tell their experience. All hearts are forever connected in love and compassion.


Rainbow Heart stems out of the planet that has produced it. Heart hugs sakura in his big arms. In the colors of the chakras. The central red heart, is our Earth or root chakra, is our connection to the Earth. It contains the body of the tree. Mother Earth protects us in all circumstances. If we stay by her side, she won’t let us die and will take us on a trip to eternity. Just stay in your heart that is in permanent connection with the Heart of the Earth and just listen. This heartfelt connection degrades by fear, anger, hatred and resentment. If we let ourselves to be overwhelmed by the noise and negative products of the human mind, we will stay alone. And won’t know where to go and certainly not in which way.


Another possible symbolism of sakura is that the tree draws through its roots everything from the earth. Whether it is good or bad. Through its heart buried deeply in the trunk, it transforms all it drew, to provide us with the gifts of beautiful fragrant flowers and delicious fruits. Our Mother Earth absorbs negativity and evil thoughts for so long with patience. She transforms all into love to provide us with sustenance and protection from cosmic conditions in which it would be hard to survive. She does it all just for love of us and will continue doing it. Only it is harder and harder for her. Therefore she needsto purify from our age-old layers of negativity. There are different ways to eliminate all the negative, accumulated over a long time on her surface and her body. She needs to remove it in order to continue in further development. She can not move with this load. She always warn us ahead. If we are one with the Heart of Mother Earth, we can adjust to this information. Only those who have wrapped their hearts in crust of hatred and malice, they perceive the necessary changes to be evil and difficult. Voice of their hearts are weaker and weaker and stops to beat.


What happens when your heart stopps beating?